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  • This week's podcast we will look at a nameless mother. A woman who shows great wisdom and faith in God. Please join us as we look at her life from being without child to raising […]
  • Many people are involved in the church. However, not a single individual is to do all the work of helping others in need and teaching the gospel. We can see this in the birth of […]
  • John 4 teaches us how Jesus overcame cultural and racial barriers to preach the Gospel. In return, an entire city was converted.
  • In this podcast, we will look at Meses' wife, Zipporah. She is known for one strange event. Let us study this event and apply what we learn to our daily lives.
  • In today's podcast, we will answer questions from listeners like you! 1. Is it okay to use slang? 2. What new rules to live by in the New Testament? 3. Explain Mark 16:16; who is […]
  • In this week's podcast, we will answer questions from listeners. 1. Who wrote the Book of 1 & 2, Samuel? 2. Who was the first prophet of the Bible? 3. How many people were named […]

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