This mission is to glorify God and edify its listeners. Teaching the Bible. Simple, without being simplistic.

My Story

How did I get here?

Since 1989 I have served as a missionary, pulpit minister, preacher, and church leader in five different nations with hearing, deaf, and hard-of-hearing people.

I started the weekly podcast after many asked me to have one. So those who could hear could still enjoy this ministry around the world. Today so many listeners are from a nation whose first language is not English. 

There are affiliate programs to help; also, this ministry depends on individuals with generous hearts to offset the cost of this mission.

Praying daily for the persecuted church around the world. I ask all listeners to please do the same. I genuinely believe in the power of prayer. 

Thank you for visiting the website and listening to the podcast. Please pray for this mission effort and kindly tell others about the podcast. May Christ bless you! 

Joe is quite thorough in his lessons. Makes you think and research for yourself. Enjoy listening weekly. We like his topics and his presentation very much.
Mike & Shirly Tessman

Listener Feedback

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