Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions. Simple Answers.

We do not belong to any denomination! We profess Christianity only. 

We do not have any churches currently financially supporting us. Our funding comes from individuals. If your church group wants to support us, it would be a blessing!  

Of course, if you do not want us to say it over the podcast. We understand some listeners are not in Christian-friendly nations. Please mention it when contacting us.

No! We do not sell email addresses, names, phone numbers, or anything you might provide.

We strive to release our podcast weekly, Saturday mornings (Chicago time zone).

  • We ask all of our listeners to support us in your prayers
  • Share our links on social media.
  • Tell others about us. 
  • We do have a Paypal account for those wishing to send money. (You can find the Paypal link on our “support link.”)
  • We also have affiliates paying a small commission when you make a purchase through our webpage.  
  • Or you may send your support to our USPS address

No, we are not. We may consider this in the future. If you can help us achieve this, let us know. Thank you!

No, we all volunteer our time and talents. 

No, we only make a small commission on each sale. Any problems with your order need to be handled with them. We have no control over anything they do. 

We have connections with missionaries all around the world. We promise to do our best. 

Please get in touch with us in private to discuss this. Thank you! 

Growing up, I always had questions about God and the Bible. Unfortunately, I never really heard a satisfactory answer about the Bible and God. But, like so many, I had Biblical questions. For the past thirty years, I have sought the answers to my Biblical questions.

Can’t find an answer? Just ask!